Our Story <3 One Love

Many of you already know how we met, those of you who don't - Garrett and I met when we were 14 years old, freshmen in high school . As young kids we were passionately in love and did not know how to show it. In other words - we were not ready for our true loves at the time.

Young love was messy and both Garrett and I knew that if we ever had a shot we needed to let each other go - so that is what we did. Each of us going our own paths after we graduated. Garrett joined the Air-force and I went to University of the Pacific. We kept in touch - I still remember receiving handwritten letters from Garrett when he was deployed. However, as more time past the letters became few to none and we both had thought that "our" chapter was over.

The time apart was good for both of us - each experiencing different loves and losses through out the 5 year span of not being in contact with one another.

After college I stayed in Stockton to work on various political campaigns. I had really began establishing a life in the Central Valley. Garrett was in San Diego, recovering from serving two tours in Iraq and adjusting to his new life as a Veteran after being medically discharged from the Air-force.

In April of 2012 I received a facebook message from Garrett's best friend - I thought nothing of it until I opened the message. It is amazing how your world can change with something as short as  "Justine, this is Garrett, would love to catch up sometime, here is my number"

I of course, after freaking out for 10 minutes, called Garrett - he was so excited and wanted to grab lunch -- my heart sunk when I had to tell him that I lived 8 hours away. That, however, meant nothing to him & I knew within 2 minutes of talking to Garrett that we had found our way back to each other and that my life was going to be spent with this man. We were given a second chance. We both knew the challenges we would face by getting back together and neither one of us blinked - we knew that this was a God thing and that in time we would gain the acceptance and respect of each others family and friends.

Garr drove up to Stockton and when he returned to San Diego - it was with me and it was for good. However, while living in Stockton I learned that the kid I once knew was long gone and a brave young man had taken his place. I realized that I would be able to count on this man through every up and down and that he would be the one to make me smile day in and day out. My heart had never been so full of love and joy than when Garrett came back into my life. He showed me that I was worth the fight and that being in love is more than butterflies, though I still get those when I see him. I feel blessed because not only do I get to spend my life with the boy that "Danced Away with My Heart" but also the man that will forever hold it. 

Thank you for reading our "love story" and we cannot wait to share this special time in our lives with all of you <3.


All my love,